OSKALOOSA COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS JANUARY 9, 2018 The Board of Directors of the Oskaloosa Community School District met in regular session at 6:00PM on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, in the Administration Board Room, 1800 North 3rd Street, Oskaloosa, Iowa. Present were Board members Shelly Herr, Sharma Parlett, Carl Drost, Erik Edgren, Amanda McGraw, Lynette Stream, and Kraig Van Hulzen. Also present were Superintendent Mr. Russell Reiter, Steph Wilson, Bill Almond, Alice Bowling, Angela Petersen, Rozy Warder, Jolene Liebl, Andy Hotek, Mike Dursky, Kathy Chamra, Mike Schrock, Tim Oswald, Jeff Krausman, Angie Holland, Tim Veiseth, Dave Krutzfeldt, Linda Crookham-Hansen, Eric Christensen, Christian Ray, and Chad Vink. President Herr called the meeting to order. Drost moved to approve the revised Agenda. Parlett seconded and all voted in favor. Stream said that she would like to see the Middle School PBIS documents and videos mentioned in the report. Stream asked about the progress of MTSS, and Drost commended Wilson on the brevity of her report. Mr. Reiter took the floor to inform the Board on events and activities in the District. He began by citing parts of the State of the State Address given by the Governor, including a request for 1.5% additional school aid. He also noted the AdministratorsÕ work on the Iowa Report Card, as well as the budget workshop he intended to attend on January 29. The Board thanked Mr. Reiter for his report. After a few Board questions on bleacher repairs and maintenance and a correction noted by Vink in the minutes, Drost moved to approve the amended Minutes, Financials, and Abstract of Claims as presented. Edgren seconded and all voted in favor. Mr. Reiter introduced revisions to the curriculum and structure of the High School Agricultural Sciences courses, which were as they were presented the prior month. Alice Bowling, Ag Sciences teacher, was in attendance and answered a question on the balance of production versus non-production classes. Van Hulzen moved to approve the revised curriculum and structure for High School Agricultural Sciences courses as presented. Parlett seconded and all voted in favor. Angela Petersen, Home School Assistance Program Coordinator, was in attendance to update the Board on the progress of the program. She conveyed the appreciation of the families involved, provided statistics on various parts of the program, and summarized the typical daily activities. Board members then asked questions about startup costs, methods of support, enrollment limits, students returning to the District, and comments regarding growth. The Board thanked Petersen for her report. Rozy Warder from Take Action Consulting informed the Board on recent activities for behavioral supports in the buildings. She noted the upcoming Autism group meeting, the social-emotional intervention teams and their progression to Level II interventions, and the target and efforts to develop community participation in the schools. The Board thanked Warder for her presentation. Stephanie Wilson, Curriculum Director, came forward to introduce proposed changes to programming for High School Science courses to align with new standards. The Board inquired about Project-based Learning, loss of electives, and college preparation requirements. Van Hulzen moved to approve the revised programming for High School Science courses as presented. McGraw seconded and all voted in favor. Drost took the floor and provided an update on the status of the DistrictÕs participation in the Recreation and Early Childhood Facility project. He then opened the floor to Tim Oswald, District Financial Advisor, who conveyed the need for borrowing for the project and provided options that detailed possible proceeds and funding projections. Discussion ensued, including with legal counsel Jeff Krausman, regarding lower enrollment, negative growth scenarios, flexibility in 10-year financing, affects of a 28E agreement, debt refinancing, Board participation in the design, and the importance of the project to the entire community. Drost moved to, subject to an agreeable 28E agreement with the City of Oskaloosa, permit the issuance of debt instruments to finance rental payments for an Early Childhood and Recreation Facility. Parlett seconded and all voted in favor except Edgren, who voted against. Herr introduced the second reading for policy 202.4, noting no changes from the first reading. Drost moved to approve, for the second and final reading, revised Board Policy 202.4 Ð Vacancies as presented. McGraw seconded and all voted in favor. Herr introduced the second reading for policy 207, noting no changes from the first reading. Drost moved to approve, for the second and final reading, revised Board Policy 207 Ð Board of Directors Legal Counsel as presented. Edgren seconded and all voted in favor. Mr. Reiter introduced the second reading for policy series 300, noting no changes from the first reading. Edgren moved to approve, for the second and final reading, revised Board Policy Series 300 Ð Administration as presented. Drost seconded and all voted in favor. Mr. Reiter provided options for amendments to policy 603.6 and opened the floor for the Board to determine its preference. After discussion regarding the current waivers, restricting other waivers, the Healthy Kids Act, and budget savings, it was agreed by consensus to make no changes to the current policy. Mr. Reiter introduced the opportunity for the Board to determine the use of the proceeds from the recent sale of timber. The Board discussed supplies, books, solar panels, and other items with a long-term impact, and noted that Band uniforms could be an immediate need since the current ones are 12 years old. Edgren moved to approve a portion of the purchase of High School Marching Band uniforms from the proceeds of the sale of timber, up to $20,000. Van Hulzen seconded and all voted in favor except Drost, who voted against. Mr. Reiter presented extensive preliminary budget information, including on revenue and expenditure history, tax rates, special education deficits, and solvency ratios. He also included a flowchart regarding the hiring process and noted that Administrators would be presenting on their procedures at a future meeting. Mr. Reiter and Mr. Hotek presented the Board with one appointment. Edgren said that he would like to see the vocal music staff in the District expanded. Van Hulzen moved to accept the SuperintendentÕs recommendation of the appointment of Chris Meinert as half-time Middle School Music Teacher starting immediately and until the conclusion of the year at the BA Step 1 salary level or $17,893 annualized. Parlett seconded and all voted in favor. Mr. Reiter presented the Board with nine retirements and noted that they would be recognized in May. Drost moved to accept the retirements of Joyce Eveland, Marcia Hadden, Molly McCaulley, Lyn Rogers, Tom Hogenson, Sharon Hammes, Kris Butler, Carol Knoot, and Karen White effective at the end of the 2017-2018 school year, and award them benefits as provided in Board Policy 407.6. Edgren seconded and all voted in favor. It was agreed to attempt to schedule a Board Supper later in the month, and perhaps on Tuesday, January 23. President Herr adjourned the meeting at 9:20PM. Chad M. Vink, Board Secretary 3-E ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING &EQUIPMENT 1,081.30 ACER SERVICE CORPORATION 3,165.75 AG PARTS 989.50 AGRILAND FS, INC. 800.00 AHLERS&COONEY, P.C. 2,783.00 ALBIA COMMUNITY SCHOOL DIST 6,910.72 AMAZON.COM 3,709.45 ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY 6,553.41 ANKENY CENTENNIAL HIGH SCHOOL 125.00 APPLE, INC. 860.65 ARNOLD MOTOR SUPPLY 310.04 AUGUSTINE, TJ 105.00 AVILES CONSTRUCTION 3,888.00 B&H LOCKSMITH 510.60 B&H PHOTO-VIDEO 612.32 BACK, JASON 105.00 BEHAVORIAL DYNAMICS INC 66.50 BILL AND RAY'S AUTO SERV 99.40 BR BLEACHERS 14,559.00 BRAND, LANNY 125.00 BURG, ANDREW 105.00 CADY, TOM 120.00 CAMPBELL, WYNDELL 190.00 CARLSON, KELLY 21.39 CARROLL DISTRIBUTING AND CONSTRUCTION SUPPLY 774.69 CENTERPOINT ENERGY SERVICES 2,774.05 CERTIFIED PEST CONTROL 1,195.00 CHAMPION STORAGE AND SIGNS 90.00 CHANCE, MITCH 65.00 CHRISTNER, MIKE 40.00 CITY OF OSKALOOSA 39,068.00 CLARK, JEANNE 41.09 CLEMONS, INC. 305.20 CONTINENTAL RESEARCH CORP 282.00 CRAIG, DAN 105.00 CROUSES HOUSE OF FLOWERS 54.25 DDVI 161,061.51 DECKER EQUIPMENT 233.13 DECKER SPORTING GOODS 279.50 DEGROOT, ANDREA 100.00 DRAMATIC PUBLISHING CO 535.64 ECKLES, RICHARD 125.00 EDEL, VALERIE 1,630.00 EMS DETERGENT SERVICES 964.10 EMS LEARNING RESOURCES CENTER 276.00 ESTES, LORETTA 25.55 FEH ASSOCIATES 5,972.06 FOREST CEMETERY ASSOCIATION 1,004.00 GLASFORD, LISA 248.50 GOPHER SPORTS 46.74 GRANT WOOD AEA 6,800.00 GREAT PRAIRIE AEA 2,178.19 GREAT RIVER COFFEE- BEVERAGE SYSTEM 61.50 GRIGGS MUSIC 142.34 HARMISON'S HOMETOWN FUNDRAISING 1,988.40 HARWOOD, ROY 5.00 HELP/SYSTEMS, LLC 700.40 HOPKINS ROOFING 640.00 IDEAL READY MIX 3,583.75 INDIAN HILLS COMM COLLEGE 188,859.80 INFOMAX OFFICE SYSTEMS, INC. 408.90 IOWA ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL BOARDS 1,660.00 IOWA CUBS 115,187.00 IOWA DIVISION OF CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION 500.00 IOWA GIRLS COACHES ASSOCIATION 50.00 IOWA TURFGRASS OFFICE 610.00 J.W. PEPPER&SON, INC. 141.24 JAMF SOFTWARE 9,672.00 JAYMAR BUSINESS FORMS INC 117.81 JERRY THOMPSON TRUCKING 291.89 JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 54.05 JOHNSON CONTROLS, 406.80 JOHNSTON HIGH SCHOOL 85.00 JONES, SCOTT 45.00 JOSTENS 115.93 JUNIOR LIBRARY GUILD 182.00 KECK INC 210.00 KELDERMAN, KEVIN 75.36 KELLY SUPPLY CO 1,588.04 KEMPER, TOM 105.00 KIRBY, DENNIS 5.00 KNOXVILLE COMMUNITY SCHOOL 3,455.36 KNOXVILLE HIGH SCHOOL 85.00 LANG, TOM 30.00 LEARNING POST 235.76 LUCKS MUSIC LIBRARY 35.80 M.C. SCREENPRINT& EMBROIDERY 1,050.00 MAHASKA COMMUNICATION GROUP 7,524.28 MAHASKA COUNTY TREASURER 9,200.46 MAHASKA COUNTY YMCA 39,252.20 MAHASKA DRUG 152.19 MAHASKA 2,713.80 MALCOM LUMBER 3,410.17 MARTIN BROS. DISTRIBUTING 39,056.84 MATZEN, DAN 105.00 MCDANEL, RICK 216.05 MCGRAW-HILL EDUCATION, INC 736.50 MCMURRAY, SHEA 105.00 MEISLAHN, BLAKE 563.36 MID AMERICA ENERGY 30,491.24 MIDWEST SANITATION& RECYCLING 2,760.02 MILLER, JON 130.00 MINNTEX CITRUS, INC. 1,117.95 MITRISIN, RON 35.00 MODERN FLOOR COVERING 8,588.65 MONTAVON, MATT 10.00 MUSCO SPORTS LIGHTING INC 162.40 NASCO 48.25 NICHOLS CONTROLS 1,259.60 OSKALOOSA COMMUNITY SCHOOLS 16,135.08 OSKALOOSA MUNICIPAL WATER DEPT 6,593.65 OSKALOOSA QUALITY RENTALS 750.00 PEDERSEN, ANGELA 50.00 PEDERSON, CAROLYN 30.00 PELLA COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL 95.00 PINEAPPLE APPEAL 113.06 PINKERTON, JOEL 225.00 QUILL CORP 538.62 RAINBO OIL COMPANY 252.47 RAPIDS WHOLESALE 246.53 RAWSON MECHANICAL 5,827.60 REALLY GOOD STUFF 99.90 REALLY GREAT READING 35.95 REDDY, DIANA 248.50 REIF, JEFF 40.00 REV ROBOTICS LLC 187.95 REVTRAK 943.91 RITSCHER, WAYNE 105.00 ROBERTS, NATHAN 105.00 ROBINSON, ALISON 80.64 ROGAN INCORPORATED 85.00 SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUBS 196.00 SCHOOL SPECIALTY 315.04 SCHUMACHER ELEVATOR CO 177.81 SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO 537.40 SHI INTERNATIONAL CORP 264.00 SNACK EXPRESS 27.60 SONSHINE PRESCHOOL 12,345.50 STAPLES ADVANTAGE 479.99 STATE OF IOWA TREASURER (200.00) STRASSER, MARVIN (BOB) 5.00 STRAUSS SECURITY SOLUTIONS 1,299.60 SUBWAY SHOP 180.00 SUMMIT COMPANIES 307.00 SUPPLY WORKS 4,506.75 SWICK, PAUL 35.00 SWIM'S SPORTS 908.00 TABBERT, MOLLY 33.38 TAKE ACTION CONSULTING 6,534.14 TEKK INTERNATIONAL INC 148.00 TOLLES, NATHAN 26.63 TRUE VALUE 365.34 TWIN CEDARS COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT 6,910.72 U.S. CELLULAR 278.78 UNITED PARCEL SERVICE 19.52 UNITED WAYS OF IOWA 9,750.00 VAN ARKEL, LEONA 100.00 VANDE WEERDHOF, AART 15.00 VANSICKLE, NIKKI 248.50 VELDHUIZEN, DEE DEE 15.00 VHF SALES, INC. 1,453.11 VINK, CHAD 1,160.95 WALSTON, LISA 29.05 WEBSITES TO IMPRESS INC, 800.00 WELLS FARGO COMMERCIAL CARD 24,800.53 WEST MUSIC CO 3,488.24 WINTERSET HIGH SCHOOL 100.00 WYNGARDEN, VICKY 62.27 YOUNGER, DERRICK 126.00 Total: 864,732.03 Vendors Listed: 169
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